Having the right information at the right moment is what this modern digital world is all about. Of course, the fact that there is simply too much info means that creating a certain database is a must, especially for business owners. Creating the database is not easy, but using one should be, particularly for small business owners and non-IT staff. If something is practical and it improves overall efficiency, it means that it is good, and the whole purpose of the database is precisely that. But that’s also where IneryDB, with its decentralized database, swoops in. Imagine that data, instead of being stored on a single server, is spread across thousands of different places and that there is no way that anyone can combine that data into a piece of useful information, except for those with access to it. That’s what makes IneryDB such a unique piece of technology and something that will surely mark our future. What does this mean for the base owner? That the data is 100% secure and that there is no way for anyone to access it in any way.

To input and extract information, you need to use specially designed software, and even if you think you haven’t used it before, the chances are that you actually have as these databases are built into online software that many often use. Now, when that’s settled, let’s have a look at how virtual databases work.

What is Virtual Database?

You probably heard about the expression “virtual database,” but besides some research on this topic, you are still not sure what it exactly means. We will try to explain it more simply because it is not that complicated as it sounds. Another name for the virtual database is a federated database, so don’t let it confuse you when you start to read more about this subject. Well, what is it? It is a special type of database that represents one centralized container that incorporates several fully functional databases on their own out of the system.

The main thing with virtual DB is that they are not stored on one computer since they are connected through a computer network, and it is harder to hack them and misuse stored data. Since we can access them from any computer, there is no need to duplicate data in few databases because one virtual can do all the job. When someone wants to access their data, a virtual DB system search through different databases and finds out which one has the desired data. Once the system finds the DB that contains data, it sends a request to it, and the user can access them quickly.

How it works?

We already mentioned that virtual DB works as a management system of several databases connected with a computer network. It is now time to explain the difference between centralized ones and decentralized ones, and do not worry because we are not trying to confuse you, just to help you understand. Centralized databases are used all the time, and people are pretty familiar with them. Probably the most popular ones are MongoDB and MySQL, and the first one is a great choice for data with potential for rapid growth, and the other one is perfect for structured data that requires a traditional relational database. These databases use nodes that are dependent on one central node, and they cannot work without it. On the other side, we have decentralized databases where all items are fully functional and independent, which means that the whole database is much safer and much more reliable to use.

What makes IneryDB better and unique?

Storing info online has never been easier, but now, with IneryDB, you can choose which database type you want to use. The main difference between virtual and IneryDB databases is that the first one is centralized while InveryDB is decentralized. What this practically means for us, as users, is that we can choose to go with a classic option or an entirely new one where the whole system is based on blockchain technology. Namely, since it is decentralized, there is no one overlooking the data flow, and you can collect, store and extract any data without anyone else having access to it.

Much like cryptocurrencies, where the whole system is based online, and all users are equally participating, with Inery Blockchain Database Storage, you can secure your data with the power of Blockchain technology. Furthermore, unlike with centralized databases, there is no single point of failure with decentralized database storage, meaning that it is accessible 24/7, and since there is no server, it cannot go down, and that’s something that can often happen with centralized databases. In case you wonder what that means for you, as the end-user, well, it literally means that in case the server goes down, you will not be able to access the data, and that’s just one flaw of the centralized system. All of this speeds up the whole process, and as the end result, you can access any info instantly.