There are plenty of things to decipher in order to get a better grasp of the blockchain validation process, as it is a complex thing, especially if you are a newbie. As you probably concluded, the whole system is based on this validation process, as it is the only way for any transaction to be completed, and if there weren’t for transactions, there would be no cryptocurrency nor anything blockchain-related. We all know what mining is, as it is a term used for centuries now with just a different meaning today, but what about minting? No, it’s not a typo, and yes, it is also connected with the validation process and Proof-of-stake. Confused? Well, try to keep up as we will further discuss and explain every single thing about mining, minting, and minting bots.

What is minting?

The best way to understand minting is to make an analogy with good old notebooks. Once we buy it, we have limited space to write, and when we get to the end, we need to buy the new one. But, imagine the notebook where we can add as many new papers as we need and write as much as we want. In a digital world, that is possible with minting that validates new information, creates new blocks, and records them into the blockchain. Although the blockchain is limited, it is possible to create new blocks, and we can add as much information as we need to. This network is operating without any flaws, thanks to the fact that only one new block can be created at the same time, and luckily they are created all the time. The whole process is controlled with proof of stake, and everything is going smoothly and without obstacles.

The mighty minting bot

Mining, mining, mining…no matter what you do, just keep mining, but what about using minting bots? The principle is similar but just more efficient and less costly, especially when it comes to the processing power, electricity, and Internet bandwidth. The equipment is much cheaper and can and will provide much greater results (more money). As for the difference, well, it’s about the concept, and the fact that it uses a Proof-of-stake concept with much more Nodes makes using minting bots a much more secure way of mining. In the end, the purpose of these bots is to generate more new coins for you, and since minting ones are more efficient, less costly, and more secure, the choice should be evident.

Mining bot as a thing of the past

The main reason people avoid mining is the fact that it is necessary to spend a lot of money to buy the proper equipment to perform this process. When it comes to bots, it means that we need to pay more if we want them to perform the mining action for us. Minting is much different, and if we are interested in gathering some coins, it is enough to install the program on our computer or even our cellphones, which is not the case with mining, making it a thing of the past. Since it requires less equipment and less energy, it is pretty obvious that it is the future of gaining cryptos.