Nodes are a crucial and most fundamental element of blockchain technology, as Nodes supports it and makes the whole network sustainable, and without it, the blockchain would not exist. What makes blockchain a thing of the future is the fact that it is decentralized, meaning that there is no third party involved. Now, this term confuses many, as not many actually realize how that’s possible nor how the third party has access to all the info we have, or to put it more plainly, offer online. When you look at it, this is actually funny because, in a world where privacy is something everyone constantly talks about, we often neglect how most of the things we do, and not just money-related ones, is overlooked by banks, governments, corporations, and companies that offer various services to us, the end-users, or, it’s better to say, consumers.

What is Node?

If you are new to blockchain technology and not certain what some terms mean, we will explain Nodes to you in the simplest possible way, so things will get much easier. Nodes are literally computers connected to the blockchain network that helps it operate without flaws, and in favor, they get some reward. It is the simplest possible explanation. Nodes are creating blocks and validating transactions on a blockchain and, of course, get rewarded. In that way, the blockchain is advancing and extending all the time. It makes the whole system self-sustained, and the fact that it is decentralized just makes it more efficient and more secure.

How to become Node?

If you want to become a Node, you will need a stable Internet connection and proper equipment, or better said, a computer that can support it. The main component crucial for that is a graphic card, and since we all know that it is not that cheap, we may wonder if it is worth spending all that money just to become a Node. Well, the answer is that it is worth it because becoming a Node implies high rewards, and that is how the whole blockchain network works. If you do not want to spend that much money on expensive equipment but still want to become a Node and collect your prize, there is a solution for that too since IneryDB, as a decentralized storage database, offers you a lot of benefits, and it is not crucial to have the overpaid gear.

Their role in decentralized databases

No matter how great something is nor how great some technology can be, if there isn’t something that can support it, or in this case, Nodes, it would all be for nothing. This is where Nodes step in, with basically the same role they have in blockchain technology. Of course, like with cryptocurrency, where Nodes get a reward for decyphering and validating a transaction, decentralized database storage wise, they get a reward in terms of BSCU (Blockchain storage unit coin). As for what BSCU is, it is basically a new currency that you can either convert into fiat money or some other crypto, or use for buying a BSU (Blockchain storage unit), or simply, megabytes to store your data. Overall, the Nodes have the lead role technology-wise, just like the control of fire by early humans had in our evolution.